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Fersa Care

At Fersa, we look for the most suitable solution for our customers based on their needs.

The complete service for the Aftermarket, Fersa Care, was born in this spirit, which includes from brand education and trainings for the workshops to specific tools for each application and complete information on cross-references. The Fersa Care service is based on four fundamental pillars.

Fersa Academy

Our expert knowledge at your disposal

Through our Academy, we offer specialized training on Fersa and its products. Fersa Academy is aimed at both our distributors and workshops and can be done at our headquarters in Zaragoza, Spain, or at the customer's own headquarters.

Our technical and commercial team has spent years conducting trainings worldwide. We adapt to the customer needs and provide personalized information including special demonstrations in the workshops.

In addition, we offer our distributors the option of training a person as Fersa Specialist. The Specialists are qualified in our products and brand philosophy and will be able to know perfectly the range and requirements of our products as well as the tools that we have available for each of them.

Fersa also has an online mechanical assistance program, Your friend in the workshop, with support videos and information that seek to promote good practices on replacements. The material is available on our website and our Youtube channel and seeks to be there whenever you need us. 

Fersa Warranty

Your satisfaction is our guarantee of success

We are proud of our bearings and we place our trust in them, but we know that a good product is useless without the proper assembly. Therefore, we have launched our extended warranty service, extended to workshops that have been approved by Fersa through the Approved Workshop Network. In this way, we want to give more support to those workshops that decide to join us in the search for the best replacement solution.

The Fersa Approved Workshops receive an official certification from Fersa Bearings testifying that they meet the quality standards associated with the brand. We also provide specialized technical support and assembly guidance to those workshops that desire it.

Moreover, in case of failure of our bearings, we guarantee coverage of not only the piece, but for all damage associated with a hypothetical failure of the bearing ranging from the cost of the crane, repairs and replacement of the part to the cost of the truck's downtime caused by a possible failure of the bearing.

This warranty service is already operating in workshops in Spain and Portugal.

For more information regarding the Approved Workshop Network, you can contact us through the following form. 

Fersa Accessories

Much more than bearings

We are confident that innovation is vital to our growth. At Fersa, we work for innovation not only in our bearings, but also in our service, so you can receive the perfect complete solution for each application.

Fersa Accessories are items specially designed and manufactured by us to ensure the best performance and enlarge our bearings’ lifespan.

Fersa grease

Fersa's lithium greases are specially designed to reduce the lubrication frequency compared to other products on the market. We offer two types of grease, depending on your application: special wheel grease for commercial vehicles, and general usage grease.

The special wheel grease for commercial vehicles offers more consistency and resistance than conventional lithium greases, since it includes those with advanced technology in their composition to prevent hardening. In addition, its composition extends the bearing's life, allowing a more budget-friendly maintenance.

We also have general application grease with a high adhesion capacity thanks to improvements in its micro additives. This type of grease incorporates anti-wear, anti-corrosion and antioxidant technology, all features that prolong the lifespan of the product. All this means that Fersa's general usage grease withstands very demanding mechanical conditions. 

Fersa Bearing Tools

Fersa's tool cases for assembly and disassembly are equipped with tools adapted to the diameter of each application to ensure a safe dismantling (without damaging the hub), and precise assembly. This allows us to extend the lifespan of our bearings.

Each tool case comes with all the tools that are necessary for an efficient installation of our products. In addition, we have different models depending on whether the replacement is carried out manually or with a press.

  • Manual Tool Kits: we count with models for Volvo and BPW.
  • Press Tool Kits: we count with models for Volvo, BPW, DAF, Scania and a set of universal tools for disassembly. ​

Regrease Kits

Fersa disposes special Kits with everything you may need to enlarge the bearing life expectation without the need of replacing them. These sets contain different Fersa products, from grease, seals and gaskets up to the IRU. 

Fersa Solutions

Complete technical information for the perfect replacement

With our Fersa Solutions, we provide complete technical information about our bearings and their applications.