We are trying to develop a world with “smart” bearings


Engineering focused on the current and future needs of the market

Engineering focused on the current and future needs of the market

At Fersa, driven by the needs of our customers and the market, we have developed a wide range of bearings. Thanks to the speed of the process, the thoroughness of our methodology, Fersa is able to annually launch more than a hundred new part numbers.


Improved product performance

In the quest to achieve less wear and a longer life for our bearings, at Fersa we work for the maximum efficiency and durability of our bearings through improvements in the materials, geometry and innovative technologies,

These developments have positioned us as one of the leaders in durability, performance and efficiency leading also to the creation of new product lines

  • HiPro®- a new range of products characterized by improved adaptation to misalignment, reduced risk of premature failure, and uniform stress distribution.
  • Low Friction- part of the high-efficiency lower energy consumption range.
  • Green Performance- technology that reduces the energy consumption of the piece through reduced friction.
  • Ultra Performance- technology that provides longer bearing life.
  • Smart Bearing Solutions- our commitment to the future are smart bearings, where technology will allows us to monitor and predict the performance of the application.


Higher level of wheel-end systems integration

This has been achieved by adding elements to the bearing, improving its performance in the final application.

  • Hub units- set of double-row bearings with sealing gaskets, high performance grease to ensure lubrication during the bearing's operation, and factory preset to ensure adequate performance during its lifetime.
  • Built-in hubs- Integrated bearing and casting which facilitates assembly at the production line and/or service shops, it also reduces the risk of incorrect adjustment. 

Simultaneous engineering with OEMs and Tier 1

Simultaneous engineering with OEMs and Tier 1

Fersa's ability to listen and adapt to the needs of our customers led us to  the creation of a multidisciplinary team of engineers dedicated exclusively to new product development, from the design of the part, right up to the most demanding field validation.

  • Stage 1: CAD Design
  • Stage 2: Mathematical calculations: analytical model.
  • Stage 3: Finite element simulation: virtual model.
  • Stage 4: Functional validation: prototype.
  • Stage 5: Field tests.

Network for Bearing Excellence (NBE) for collaborative engineering

Our engineering center in Zaragoza, coordinates the NBE (Network for Bearing Excellence). The NBE is comprised of six world recognized technology centers as well as two independent testing centers, where a group of 25 engineers work exclusively on Fersa projects. Their constant interaction with our R&D and engineering offices in Spain, Brazil and China, make it possible to offer around the clock global technical support to our customers.

Creative and imaginative engineering

Creative and imaginative engineering

Our spirit of innovation has led us to implement a work methodology for our teams that encourages the creativity.

Fersa's engineering departments combine classical project management methodologies with new agile and other disruptive methodologies