Wheel end hub units

Fersa Bearings has developed applications for commercial vehicles, maintenance free, offering high performance at high loads.

Wheel end hub

Fersa Wheel end hub bearings are composed of two interior sets housed in one hub.

They are maintenance-free bearings that are greased for life, and because of their precise axial clearance, compact design, and the use of high quality grease, these bearings ensure optimal bearing performance at high loads.

With our wheel end hub bearings, quick and easy replacement in heavy vehicle wheel hubs is ensured.

Wheel end kit

Fersa's wheel end kit are an advanced replacement solution, consisting of a set of two bearings, interior and exterior, high precision for all types of industrial vehicle applications.

Fersa's wheel end kits are previously greased units with high quality grease that guarantees their use in the most challenging conditions.

These products have incorporated the patented Fersa solution to facilitate effective mounting of bearings and seals that ensure using the correct torque in the assembly and the correct alignment of the bearings in the hub.

Next, you will have at your disposal instructional videos and best practices for assembly:

Wheel end module

Fersa's wheel end module is an integrated bearing in the hub of the industrial vehicle.

They are made of two bearings, perfectly aligned and lubricated for life. Thanks to integration, this type of bearing ensures optimum performance and easy assembly through a complete replacement of the set.