Fersa Tools

At Fersa we offer items especially designed by us to extend the service life of our products, and help the mechanic when making the replacement. 

Fersa Tools

Fersa has developed tools specially designed to make the replacement and installation of the bearing easier. We adapt to all brands and all needs, to make it easier to work in the workshop. 

Fersa's toolkits for assembly and disassembly are equipped with special tools adapted to the diameter of each application in order to ensure a safe dismantling (without damaging the hub) and a precise assembly. In this way, we guarantee the precision, safety and effectiveness in the assembly of Fersa bearings.


Set of universal tools for the disassembly and assembly with press for applications of Volvo, BPW, DAF and Scania.

It has five extendable anvils, five plates and a detachable rod that fits all hub models, regardless of their brand.


Hydraulic hub puller

This set allows a faster and safer extraction, up to a maximum of 23 tons. In addition, it adapts to any axis, either front or rear. We take advantage of the bolts and nuts of the bushing itself, regardless of their size and threads.