Passion for excellence


Our passion for excellence leads us to measure ourselves against the most stringent criteria and the highest quality standards.

Quality in the suppliers’ network, working only with the best.

Quality in the supplier network

Growing together: team spirit with suppliers and partners.

Fersa's collaborative work with suppliers helps ensure a reliable flow of high quality raw materials and components to our production facilities.

To be an approved Fersa supplier, companies have to excel in the following areas

  • Total Quality
  • Service level
  • Collaboration and commitment.
  • Simultaneous engineering capacity.
  • Technical and productive capacity.
  • Financial responsibility.
  • Price.

Furthermore, at Fersa we assess the integrity and compliance of our suppliers' obligations in relation to environmental responsibility, and the comprehensive adherence of local laws.

The corporate purchasing department is the central point of contact for all suppliers, and it channels relations with all companies in the Group, ensuring a procedure based on the principles of objectivity, transparency and non-discrimination.

The joint work of the purchasing department with other areas of the company ensures the provision of a better product to the customers.

Quality in the process, through a Lean approach.

Quality in the production process

Fersa manufacturing facilities have state of the art quality control equipment.

Automatic controls specific to our products have been developed and implemented in the manufacturing process:

  • noise control (multi-frequency and peaks), 
  • structure control of the material,
  • crack detection
  • and detection of micro burns for inner and outer rings.

Our process includes measurement by means of eddy currents, to determine microcracks and hardness in the rollers.

At Fersa we work with a lean approach, involving all our team in a philosophy of continuous improvement and the constant pursuit of perfection.

Premium quality products

Premium quality products

Fersa Bearings: more miles and more years.

We perform work to the highest quality standards right from the origin of the product and its design, allowing us to ensure the logarithmic profiles of our bearings.

Our rigorous quality control and state-of-the-art manufacturing and control technology enable the achievement of superior performance in long life and high reliability. This underscores our commitment to precision in design.

Fersa's high-quality service policy ensures our customers, a fast response, and the maximum flexibility. As a leading brand in service, we ensure strict compliance with our short delivery times.