Fersa Style

Fersa's values are the corporate principles on which our organization is built and which guide all our actions.Fersa strives to be a technological leader in every sense of the word, committed to the design and manufacture of uniquely innovative products destined to supply the automotive and industrial sectors. This work is defined by our sustainable culture and a professional team dedicated to excellence and passion in going above and beyond in everything we do.

These principles are the basis of what we call Fersa Style:


We are committed to exceeding all our customers’ expectations."A firm commitment to excellence for internal and external customers"


We are passionate about our work, we want to deliver the best products, services, and experience to our customers.“Our leadership model is focused on action. This involves self-awareness and management through commitment, communication, trust and coherence. We strive to transmit excitement and passion by setting the example and aiming to be role models for shared success based on our skills and credibility"


“We merge all of our abilities and promote direct and sustained communication in order to share aims, where we need to be headed, and our ultimate goals. Being a united force is what defines us at FERSA"


“We are passionate about what we do every day, working with a fully dedicated and responsible mindset in order to offer our clients the best experience, achieve our goals, and take on new challenges".


”We are flexible, agile, and effective because we understand the real importance of rapid adaptation to change”.


We are transparent and upright in all our actions.“We consider ourselves to be extremely thorough when it comes to analyzing problems, priding ourselves in turning them into exciting opportunities while ensuring we take determined and precise action in their execution”.


“We work with responsibility, transparency and integrity in everything we do”.


“We consider ourselves to be humble, but we aren’t afraid to think big, dare to dream of new and ambitious challenges and we take risks. We are highly demanding of ourselves”.


"We love what we do, we consider ourselves non-conformists, we develop creative ideas, and we constantly innovate, experiment and take full advantage of our learning opportunities".

Our ability to innovate and respond quickly to wide range of scenarios and changes to our markets, combined with the constantly evolving necessities of clients, defines the true spirit and core of everything we do at Grupo Fersa, setting us apart and giving us a unique edge.

Our values, as well as our code of conduct and good practices are compiled in our document ¨Ethical Code¨, which aims to determine the principles and guidelines of conduct that should govern FERSA in order to guarantee and consolidate the implementation of a culture based on business ethics in the development of its activity.

You can have a look to the full document in the following link: ETHICAL CODE