Tapered roller bearings

This type of bearing is composed of an inner ring, outer ring, and tapered rolling elements. Thanks to the geometry of their design, tapered roller bearings can withstand combined loads (axial and radial). In addition, this design allows rolling movement without the rollers slipping off the tracks of the outer and inner rings. 

The contact angle of the tapered roller bearings on the rolling tracks is variable, which in each case offsets the application axial and radial loading ratio; at a larger angle, a greater ability to withstand axial loads.

Fersa has a wide range of tapered roller bearings consisting of detachable elements that make them easily adjustable in applications.

The most popular applications for this bearing type are:

  • Wheel hubs for light, industrial, and agricultural vehicles
  • Transmissions (gearboxes and differentials)
  • Machine tool spindles
  • PTOs

Metric Series

The metric tapered roller bearings are designed according to the European International Standard ISO 492 and are divided into subfamilies based on their outer diameter and height.

This typology is the standard kind, which allows them to be used in many applications, thanks to the combined load distribution and high performance at optimum speeds.

Inch series

Inch series are designed according to the American Standard AMBA, mainly present in the U.S. market.

They consist of detachable and interchangeable elements that make them easily adjustable in any application.

Flange side bearings

The flange side bearings are distinguished by the precision between the geometry of the outer ring flange and inner assembly, allowing optimal adjustment of the piece in remote applications.

There are two types depending on the flange location on the outer ring.


Special Series

The special tapered roller bearings do not fall under a standard policy.  In Fersa, special series are identified under the F 15000 nomenclature. Fersa specializes in providing customized solutions for various sector applications meeting the highest quality and OEM sector standards.

The most popular applications for this bearing type are wheel hubs for light and industrial vehicles, gearboxes, and differentials.

U Type bearings

The U type tapered roller bearings are an exception within the conventional tapered roller bearings since this is a compact unit type that includes the grease and is pre-regulated without having to install an opposite bearing. Furthermore, they have a flange on the outer ring that is fastened axially in the application once the bearing is mounted.

Originally it was designed for use in semi-floating vehicles, it can also be used in a variety of transmissions and general industrial applications.

Steering bearings

Steering bearings are composed of an outer ring and roller cage assembly. They are distinguished by the absence of an inner cone.

They are mainly used for steering columns in various applications.

Interior Sets

The interior sets manufactured by Fersa meet the highest quality and OEM standards. The interior sets manufactured by Fersa are mounted onto the axles of the European manufactured gearboxes for the most challenging gearboxes.

Fersa specializes in generating high precision interior sets for the most popular applications for each industrial vehicle gearbox.

This type of bearing is used in applications that already have the mechanized outer track in the application.

Double row tapered roller bearing

Double row tapered roller bearings, composed of two interior sets housed in one outer ring, can withstand large radial and axial loads in both directions. They allow for rigid bearing arrangements and are suitable for bearing arrangements where rigid axial guidance is required.

The double row tapered roller bearing design allows for space saving applications, and in many cases the bearing requires no maintenance since it is lubricated for life.

Thrust tapered roller bearing

Thrust tapered roller bearing, also known as T type bearings, allow for very compact axial arrangements, able to endure large axial loads. It is distinguished by its durability and resistance to impact.

Fersa produces three types of tapered roller axial bearings:

  • Those designed for low speed and thrust loads
  • For applications where a full rotation is not required
  • Those designed for large thrust loads and high speeds

Pinion module

We bring together the components in a single piece to reduce the weight and pre-adjust them for a more agile and efficient assembly. The geometry of the pinion module and its rigid design reduce the deviation at the gear point during dynamic load conditions. In this way, we prevent leaks and guarantee the service life of our product.