Get the most out of our bearings

Maintenance products

Fersa has developed products especially designed for the optimal maintenance of applications, thus ensuring the maximum operating life of our bearings.

Wheel maintenance kits

This kit includes grease, safety rings, seals and other accessories to ensure perfect maintenance of the wheel application in specific cases where changing the bearing is unnecessary.


We have different types of grease depending on the final application intended. 

  • Multi-Pro Grease: multi-purpose grease, available NLGI 2 and NLGI 3. Withstands extreme pressure and temperatures (from -20° to 120°). Highly adhesive due to the plastic deformation of its micro additives and high performance.
  • Hi-Temp Pro: this grease is especially formulated by Fersa for automotive applications, NLGI 3. It works under very demanding operating conditions at high pressure and temperatures from -30° to 160°.
  • Special Wheel end grease: lithium grease, NLGI 2, especially formulated for industrial vehicle wheel applications. Withstands high temperatures (from -20° to 160°), with greater consistency and resistance. Designed to reduce lubrication periods.


Fersa's product portfolio includes different models of seals, adapted to the needs of each application, to ensure a more robust replacement. 

ABS discs

The Fersa disc, along with the sensor from the anti-lock brake system, detects the reduction or lack of rotation in the bearing so the ABS system begins to release the affected wheel once again.