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Fersa's commitment offers our customers:

  • The most comprehensive product range. With over 2000 part numbers, Fersa manufactures transmission, differential and wheel bearings, which are the perfect alternative to original equipment parts from leading manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Iveco, BPW and Freightliner, among others. 
  • Personalized service. Service excellence in meeting deadlines and in flexibility.

Fersa Care: complete and personalized service for Commercial and Off-Highway Vehicles

This program consists of four groups of actions:

  • Fersa Solutions: compilation of information on the possible applications of our wheel, gearbox and differential bearings for industrial vehicles.
    It is currently the most comprehensive collection of industrial vehicle information, including a trailer of the major European, American and Brazilian brands. (ZF, Scania, Volvo, Man, Daf, Renault, BPW, Iveco and Mercedes Benz).
  • Fersa Academy: theoretical and practical product advice for both our distributors and rebuilders such as mechanical workshops. It includes assembly advice and best practices.
    This interaction with workshops and rebuilders is essential to Fersa's active listening habits, and it favors the detection of the needs of our clients more closely.
  • Fersa Tools: facilitates the work of the mechanic and their daily safety, ensuring the correct assembly of the Fersa bearings.
    We continue to expand Fersa's product portfolio beyond bearing manufacturing. To do this, we are developing all types of tools required at the time of assembly and disassembly of the parts for heavy vehicles.
  • Fersa Warranty: extended product warranty for workshops and rebuilders that adhere to the Network of Fersa Approved Workshops. Fersa's confidence in the quality of its products is such that we can guarantee our bearings for life if they have been properly handled.

Network of Fersa Approved Workshops

Fersa Approved Workshops are certified annually by the company, ensuring:

  • technical support and advice in the assembly
  • warranty to substitute the parts
  • warranty for the consequences

We trust you and our bearings.

Distribution network

Fersa has an extensive distribution network to meet the demand of the strategic markets in which it operates.

Fersa distribution network