Our client Sisamex recognizes Fersa Bearings as the top supplier of finished product during 2018 and chooses us as an example of Industry 4.0. It happened during an event held on May the second at Sisamex headquarters in the Mexican city of Monterrey.

We brought to the event our latest improvements in the manufacturing process, including our latest advances in robotization, the creation of a digital twin or the automation and interconnection of our different lines. An example of this technology is the new line that we have implemented this year at the Fersa plant in Zaragoza (Spain), which is exclusively dedicated to the production of bearings for Daimler.

We also show some of the progress made in terms of production through the European project Stream-0D, thanks to which, among other things, we have incorporated temperature measurement equipment and machine parameter management systems to optimize the process. With these developments, we hope to reduce the production cycle time between 5 and 10%.

The Sisamex Supplier Event is held annually and rewards the most important distributors of the year. This edition also recognized the commitment of companies for Corporate Social Responsibility and Industry 4.0. For this, they gave a space in which the different companies show our latest developments in these aspects. A total of 12 groups, accompanied by experts in both fields, went through each stand to learn about the processes and developments of each of the selected companies.