Fersa Lab is a limitless commitment to innovation, a place open to experimentation and different perspectives, to the disruptive overcoming of the established...

At Fersa Lab, innovation is knowing how to focus on the tiniest details, fitting each smallest part into a complete scenario. Understanding both the big and the small, within the same vision.   This is how we have innovated in our intelligent bearings, because we study each part we manufacture to improve its efficiency, performance and reliability.

Highest quality through the most sophisticated technological tools

Our innovative mindset drives us to overcome every quality limit, using the most sophisticated technological tools and learning all along the way, as we have achieved with the digital twins.

Innovation is a new way of performing things by applying the most efficient procedures, concerned about sustainability. It means improving each process while complying strictly with the normative requirements.

We check each procedure through modeling tools and the use of heuristic optimization algorithms and management mathematics. The main purpose is to streamline the design, reduce phases and provide not only the most complete but also the fastest service to our customers.

To become the best company for our customers

Innovation is growth. Growth in the capacity to create products. Growth in knowing the market and its new challenges. Growth in being the best company we can be for our customers.

Innovation is to believe that nothing is set in stone, that we do not give up in facing difficulties, that a problem hides an opportunity and that our customers are our top priority. That is why at Fersa Lab all our talent is oriented towards improvement. We know that the best capital is human capital, and that is why we encourage our employees to develop their ideas and propose their own projects.

Imagination and knowledge work best together, and at Fersa Lab we combine the creativity and reasoning of all our employees so that it intertwines, feeds back and bears fruit in new products and solutions.