The new facilities are a great opportunity to keep on working on our aspiration to achieve perfectionism and continuous evolution. Innovation is part of our DNA, and in this laboratory, our team has a space where imagination and experimentation can flow.

Even though we are still working on the details, Fersa Lab has already become a reality that will make a difference in our company and commercial brands development.

Zaragoza´s Mayor, D. Jorge Azcón, visited our facilities last week as a sign of trust in our project, the one will position Fersa as an innovation, efficiency and customer-based orientation leader in the automotive and industrial sectors.  

Our goal is to provide our team with the latest technologies and tools to help them enhance their innovative and cunning spirit.

We really take care of our team. That is why we believe their talent is the key to success. Errors and experimentation processes will be necessary to achieve the goals in the near future that are now unimaginable.

We want to thank all the partners and suppliers that have believed in us during this journey because they have set the bases of what we are today and will also be vital for the future of Fersa.