The new tools respond to the workshops' needs in terms of spare parts, with a full guarantee of Fersa Bearings products. We have expanded the number of families and included new exclusive Fersa tools, such as ABS and seals mounting plates, and the new tool for assembly of the pinion module. We also have launched a new line of induction heaters (suitable for bearings up to 20 and 50 kg) and another line of ergonomic tools, which facilitate labor in the workshops and allow for optimal and safe operating, avoiding accidents related to the fall of heavy parts and muscle overloads.

You can see the complete catalog and its applications here: link.

In addition, the Fersa Care program offers training and complete technical information to the workshops with tips and advice on assembly and disassembly, as well as live demos at its facilities.

The Fersa Care program was created in 2015 to provide comprehensive service for spare parts, and especially for the mechanics. It emerged as a tool for active listening and as a bridge between Fersa's specialized technicians and the end-user in the shop. Four years later, it has become a whole complementary service for the bearings to ensure maximum service life.