Fersa Group distributors visited Fersa's headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain) and NKE's headquarters in Streyr (Austria). Six Latin American companies were present: Américo Grieco (Argentina), DISROD (Colombia), Hivimar (Ecuador), Tony Rodamientos (Dominican Republic), Rodastock (Chile) and Rodalaser (Bolivia).  We used this opportunity to strengthen relations and show them new opportunities for the spare part business.

Our clients had the chance to visit the company's main plants and find out the latest technologies applied to manufacture and products. Highlights included latest advances in process automation and robotic lines, culminating with the Zaragoza plant's new line for Mercedes-Benz bearings.

Latin America is a very important market for Fersa Bearings and the company has made an effort to improve its presence in the area, which last year accounted for about 30% of the brand's total sales. In 2018, the increase in sales in Latin American countries with respect to the previous year was more than 30%, with main customers coming from Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

In December 2015, it inaugurated its logistics center in the city of Curitiba, in Brazil. Since then, the business in the area has experienced exponential growth. It has recently expanded commercial resources in its Brazilian subsidiary and hopes to increase stock and make technological investments that will help it improve supply.

Fersa has operated in Latin America since the late '80s, but it was not until 2007 that we established our first technical-commercial offices in Brazil. Fersa has invested in its presence in the country and increasing the resources to consolidate its subsidiary, which has grown over 60% annually since its creation.