Fersa Bearings is one of the axle bearings suppliers for the Mercedes-Benz truck at its factory in Kassel, supplying Actros trucks directly. Daimler has once again opted for the Spanish manufacturer for the new Actros, which will include its bearings in the front axle.

We began supplying bearings to the Daimler factory in the city of Kassel in December 2018. For the project, we invested in a new line in our factory in Zaragoza (Spain), which has increased the factory's capacity by 20%. This line meets the highest innovations in terms of connected and automated industry and is able to model a digital twin that facilitates process optimization in real time.  Fersa's firm commitment to an innovative product, through intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation, has played a crucial role in being chosen by Daimler Germany from among other alternatives in the international market as a bearings supplier for its Actros trucks, including its new version.

Mercedes-Benz started manufacturing the new truck model in May of this year. It is currently in the testing phase with several customers in Europe, and marketing is expected to begin this month in countries like Spain.

The new Actros, among other improvements, enhances the efficiency of the vehicle (with a fuel savings of up to 3% on highways and 5% on conventional roads) and achieves an unprecedented level of automation and safety systems. It is, therefore, the first truck on the market that reaches grade 2-3 automation, and is able to "self-drive," thanks to the Active Drive Assist system.