At the end of November, Fersa Bearings Jiaxing received the nomination letter issued by Chinese commercial vehicle giant Dongfeng, to supply bearings for the new generation of Dongfeng-Volve 14 speed manual transmission, which marked Fersa has become an official supplier for Dongfeng Trucks.

In recent years, Fersa has firmly committed to product innovation and customized service which are the key elements for Dongfeng Company to select us over other alternatives in Chinese market.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles Co Ltd. (DFCV), is a joint commercial vehicle JV business in a contribution proportion of DFG 55%: Volvo Group 45%. For now, DFCV is already one of China´s leading truck brands as well as the leading commercial vehicle brand and ranks the second of most influential brand s in heavy & medium duty trucks in the domestic market, with the 18.6% market rate. DFCV has its own R&D and production resources in China and establishes the powertrain business division in the main brand of Longqing Its annual capacity is up to 2 00,000 trucks. The products cover heavy medium-duty trucks, engines, axles, transmissions, etc. And it marched into the CV market in the brand of “Dongfeng Trucks”.

This project keeps following the strategy after the Dongfeng Volve’s join Depending on the excellent sales network, superior product qualities, and outstanding price advantages, Fersa stands out among the multitude of competitive brands. The new generation of Dongfeng Volve 14 speed manual transmission with our F15472 F15473 bearing units will be mounted in Dongfeng new KX, KC, KL, and other models of heavy & medium-duty trucks.

In terms of timing, the SOP for this manual transmission project will be around September 2021, starting with 240,000 TRBs per year. We believe that Fersa will persistently provide excellent products and service to our customer.