Fersa has started to supply the first F200004 bearings on AV132 axles for ZF Germany’s bus applications.

Fersa’s collaboration with ZF, which has been fruitful from the very start, has allowed it to expand its product range, in this case with the F200004 model. ZF continues to form part of Fersa’s OEM customer portfolio and this new axle bearing supply contract has only strengthened ties between the two companies.

This project has involved an adaptation of the Fersa Group’s production lines at its plant in Zaragoza, where these bearings, which feature state-of-the art technologies and processes, will be manufactured.

45,000 parts are planned to be supplied to the ZF Group’s domestic market in 2021. Fersa is optimistic about these bearings due to the wide range of possibilities they could represent in other markets of the group.

Fersa remains committed to assuring the quality of its products and services, meeting even the most demanding needs of its customers.