The European Union-funded project, in which Fersa has been participating since 2016, will reach its conclusion on 8 October, having made various human capital and financial investments.

The project consisted of the installation of tools to measure, analyse and control quality parameters with the aim of reducing production process faults.

The most significant improvements include the incorporation of measuring equipment that ensures high levels of both precision and flexibility, the installation of temperature sensors, reduced order modelling (ROM), and the establishment of a user environment, a cloud environment and a DDM (data-driven model) with the capacity to predict manufacturing and issue security alerts in the line related to possible quality problems or cost overruns.

In addition to increasing profitability, the Stream0D project has allowed us to make improvements in terms of quality controls, information records and inefficiency reduction.

The first results already indicate an improvement in grinding cycle times, a reduction in line rejection and progress in efficiency due to process adjustments and machine validations.

The project has been completed thanks to the collaboration of another nine European entities. With a funding level in excess of €5 million and a duration of 42 months, STREAM0D is considered to be a successful project in this unusual year.

Fersa would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work done by all the parties involved in the project, especially the Aragon Institute of Technology (ITA) for its excellent management and coordination of the project.