Fersa Group, a Spanish multinational expert in mobility solutions, high-performance bearings and electromechanical components for the automotive, wind energy and industrial sectors, closes 2022 with a 57% growth in turnover, exceeding 165 million euros.

The group is strongly committed to investment in order to continue advancing its vision of designing and manufacturing the best bearings and powertrain and intelligent mobility solutions that will help it position itself as a technological benchmark in the automotive, renewable energy and industrial sectors.

On January 9, the corporation announced its consolidation in India after becoming the majority investor in Delux Bearings, a manufacturer of bearings and electromechanical components for machinery and light and heavy vehicles.

At the same time, it is making progress in the construction of its technology campus in Zaragoza, where the Fersa Lab will be located, an innovation center where the bearings of the future will be created and which will open its doors this year. 

Fersa Group, which already has locations in 19 countries and a workforce of more than 850 employees to support and service customers in more than 100 countries, expects to exceed 200 million euros in sales by 2023