At Fersa Bearings we are not complacent. The commitment to constant improvement, the desire for challenges and the attention to our customers are part of our being. That’s why we have created Fersa Lab, a laboratory of ideas where we can develop all our creativity.

The search for new answers and the improvement of existing solutions is the eagerness for excellence of all our teams. A way of being that makes us able to implement quick solutions for our customers to any problem they may face.

Experimentation is part of Fersa Bearings. We explore to find solutions that improve the usefulness of our products, create innovations that increase their efficiency for greater sustainability and offer answers that improve our customers' experience.

Fersa Bearings: committed to the planet

At Fersa Bearings we work towards sustainability, guided by our commitment to the environment. A responsibility to the planet that makes us search for efficiency in the development of our products and manufacturing processes. Sustainability inspires the way we work and innovate at Fersa Lab.     

With a sustainable future in mind, we have started to contribute our work to the generation of renewable and clean energy from the field of wind energy production. Because commitment and sustainability are more than just buzzwords for us.

At Fersa Lab we work towards a constant improvement

Every challenge is an opportunity to progress on the way to improvement, through experimentation and contrasting solutions.

With Fersa Lab we offer our teams the best support and the best tools so that they can develop all their creativity and innovative ideas.

We truly believe that our human capital is one of our main strengths. Therefore, we promote all the skills of our team and give support to their innovative ideas, inventions and improvements. We also uphold the development of individual projects within the company. Initiative and talent are values in which we believe and which we take care of every day. And in Fersa Lab they have an infinite space to grow.