At FERSA LAB we work for sustainable development with technologies and solutions that care about the planet. For FERSA LAB pursues the maximum development, but minimizing the impact on the environment.

In a future oriented towards clean, renewable and non-polluting energy, in FERSA LAB we strive for a more sustainable mobility.

Plans for the electric industrial vehicle

On this path to an ever more environmentally friendly transport, from FERSA LAB we implement plans oriented to the electric industrial vehicle.

With the same sustainability goals in mind, we innovate with lighter materials to reduce consumption and, consequently, to reduce emissions in transportation taking care of the atmosphere.

Zero Emissions Production System

The environment also benefits from our level of excellence in quality, since it extends the lifetime of our bearings.

In manufacturing, we are immersed in the process of achieving a zero-emission production system.

Commitment to renewable energies

That progress can only be built on sustainability is a fact, and that is why at FERSA LAB we are also committed to renewable energies as a source and driving force in our production facilities and distribution chains.

At FERSA LAB we care for the environment because we believe in the responsibility of building a better world.