Fersa Group enters the North American wind market by providing hybrid bearings for windmill generators. At the moment, we have agreed to supply hybrid bearings, with steel rings and ceramic rolling elements that ensure optimum performance at high speeds and avoiding the appearance of noise.

Due to the redesign of these bearings and the choice of material, they are less prone to false brinelling, guarantee their electrical insulation, lower friction coefficient, less weight while increasing their corrosion resistance.

These bearings will be manufactured at the group's factory in Steyr, Austria, which has increased its production capacity by nearly 50% in the past two years. All this has been possible thanks to the strong investment of the group to boost this sector. Specifically, nearly 2 million euros were invested in applying the latest developments in Industry 4.0 to its Austrian lines. In addition, it has its own test benches where the products are previously tested to guarantee the highest quality and the best performance in the final application.

The group already signed important businesses in the wind sector in China at the end of last year, highlighting the commitment it is making to enter the supply of renewables. This business would suppose the supply of between 230 and 300 units of this type of bearing per year in the United States.

This is a product with great growth potential, together with electrically insulated bearings, for applications of electric motors in general, and of wind turbine generators in particular, where there is significant activity in equipment maintenance and repair, especially in the US market. USA and Brazil.

Fersa Group has its own subsidiary in North America since 2015 when it opened its logistics center in Ohio. This was followed by commercial offices in 2018.